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How It Works
Chartbot works in a unique manner: it is an EPS file built with Soft Horizons' ActiveEPS™ technology. Text data overprinted on the EPS graphic is automatically converted into a chart.
Here's how to create a chart.


Start by doing a "Place" of Chartbot's Bar chart EPS. The image you see isn't a preview—it's just a low-res "stand-in" for positioning.


Enter label and data on top of Chartbot's EPS. The data will not print, but instead will feed data to the chart.


Add in formatting instructions. Most users use InDesign's template feature once they have a design. This example is very basic — the design possbilities are infinite.


Preview the results by "Printing" to a PDF or PostScript printer.

You can change the data, or change the formatting. The chart will be automatically updated each time you Print.



It's easy to change chart types: just 'Place' the appropriate ActiveEPS chart. This is the same data as above with the same formatting, applied to a Chartbot pie chart.



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